All Systems Go: Ancorr Successfully Launches its Maiden Project

On the final week of May 2015, Ancorr Logistics Services Inc. (ANCORR) finished its maiden project — the safe and reliable transportation of four escalators from Robinsons Magnolia to Robinsons Dasmarinas. We are happy to report that we finished the project in just four days by skillfully maneuvering through the stated truck limitations in the evening and the mall operating hours.

Transferring four escalators is, by no means, an easy feat. It required rigorous strategy and intensive planning. What became evident is that, using the right tool for the proper job will make the process faster and less prone to unintended damage. We used heavy lift jacks to keep the escalators in an elevated position. Then, a 5-tonner forklift maneuvered the escalators outside the building, paving the way for a 45-tinner crane to hoist the escalators up from the ground to position them on the trailer trucks with a flatbed chassis.

After accomplishing this project, our team felt deeply motivated and inspired to continue giving quality service to our clients. Now we’re ready for more to come.